How to Complete Surveys and Unlock Downloads Files  All E-Book File is Survey Protected  because we want to verify you to see if you're a HUMAN or a BOT.
Plz Prove that you are a HUMAN by completing a simple or small survey :


How to complete a survey:

1. Select which survey you want to complete.
2. If you don't want to put your own info, go to and generate your own identity + phone number
3. Put your info and make it look 100% valid.
4. If you need phone number use any number from your country phonebook or phone number from fakenamegenerator
5. Your download will start 100% when your done.



*Survey tips*
- Use information from or your genuine info.
- MANUALLY type information in, do NOT copy paste or use auto-fill feature.
- Don't rush through it, and take your time. These surveys are able to detect it.
- After the survey is completed, wait around 30 seconds up to 1 minute and BAM your download will begin!

OR Any Problem Just Search "How to Complete Surveys" Watch Youtube Vedio